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An Abridger is a term used on youtube to describe a user that makes shortened versions of Anime shows, dubbing over the original voices and editting it specifically for humourous effect. The humour usually contains referances to pop culture and satarises the show and even the people who watch it.
GanXingba iz liek my fave Abridger EVERZ!!!!!
by Cyclopian June 26, 2008

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Shitroen is a deregorative term for a Citroen, referencing the fact that they are usually rubbish to drive and cheaply made pieces of shit from a country that has no right to make cars or any product for that matter, the froggy bastards!
Steve: Hey, you seen what Hank's driving around in these days?
James: Yeah, it's a classic example of a Shitroen!
by Cyclopian June 11, 2008

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A Box of Pangu is an alternative form of saying thank you or giving thanks to someone for offering aid and giving you something that you need. The term is derived from an old Mexican myth in which the Box of Pangu is a magical chest in which a person can find the thing that they 'need' most in the world.

'Box' or 'Pangu' can be used as shortened versions of the term.
Steve: Here's that beer you asked for, dude
James: Box of Pangu
by Cyclopian June 11, 2008

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Wanktoss is a derivative of 'Wank' (derived from wanker) and 'toss' (derived from tosser). Both are verbs that mean pretty much the same thing: 'to masturbate'. However, when these two words become Wanktoss it can be used in noun form as an insult or as an exclaimation of pain or annoyance.
Steve: Hey, did you see Hank's hair today?
James: Yeah that guy is such a Wanktoss!

Steve: Wanktoss, my fucking computer froze again!
by Cyclopian June 11, 2008

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A blenderbus is an imaginary place were things that are utter crap, ie small breasts, are metaphorically put. It is usually used as a sudden exclaimation when annoyed by something.
My little cock in a blenderbus!
by Cyclopian June 11, 2008

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Newcassle is the spelling of the Geordie pronunciation of the place name Newcastle, geordie's choosing to completely ignore the T in the place name. Recently, this pronunciation of Newcastle has been adopted by those outside the city, noteably Match of the Day pundits such as Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson. These people are known as Tw@'s!
Steve: So hank, where you from?
Hank: I'm from Newcassle!
James: Don't you mean Newcastle?
Hank: No way, man, I'm from fuckin' Newcassle!
Steve: Riiiiiiiight....
by Cyclopian June 11, 2008

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