An abode is a fancy/formal way to say home or house/place that you live in.
by Anonymous_hate_writer December 28, 2019
ABOD stands for Andy Biersack Obsession Disorder. Andy Biersack is the lead singer for Black Veil Brides. This is a very serious disease that infects thousands of girls (and gay men) around the world.
I suffer from ABOD.
by Kennaudy October 14, 2011
A house or home. A good place to chill or hang out when bored.
Hey Jim, come over to my abode later.
by Captain Rob February 5, 2006
Short talk for "a bit of a disappointment." No special usage really.
"That film was abod tbh."
The creator of the iconic analog horror series, Gemini Home Entertainment.
Remy Abode is such a mega chad that even his own creations including the Iris fear him.
by ave_scientia October 21, 2020
If you're a dude and actually have a chode, his would be your dwelling, the place where you reside aka. The Pad.
1- "Ladies welcome to our Chode-Abode, please kick your shoes off and make yourselves at home."
2- "Yo, these Bitches be straight trippin tryin to decorate our Chode-Abode thinkin they own the place!"
by ChintzyAssHo April 20, 2013
somebodys house or home
I'd like to visit the party at your humble abode, I heard it was gonna be off the hook!
by Haley Keltner November 9, 2007