An Abigail is an incredible girl with a bright personality. She's always so bubbly and fun to be around. She knows how to make anyone smile and cheer you up. She's also pretty dang hilarious. Don't decive her wild side though... Abigails do have a shy side around non close people... so if she's crazy with you, your pretty close to her! Sometimes an Abigail can feel like they have many different personalities, they may think that there voice changes depending on the person there with. There is a huge difference between an Abigail at home with her family and a Abigail at school with her friends and peers!! Abigail's are usually very insecure about themselves, even though they see the good in everyone else, they can only find the flaws in themselves. Abigails are usually brunettes with long curly hair, and love attention... they can be good actors or dancers at times. They hate being thought of as annoying and it can really hurt them. It may seem like an innocent insult, but they like to talk and being teased for it hurts them. Abigail's fall for people easily... which lets them get used and hurt easily... it's good if a Abigail has a good friend to watch there back and be there for them. Abigail's are overall pretty amazing!
Sally: "hey ya know Abigail right?"
Bob: "course she's the one that always talks"
Sally: "she's the best! She helped me through a really tough time"
Bob: "she is pretty cute too..."
by Polarbulldog13 November 22, 2017
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Abigail is a girl that usually has a boy best friend. She makes sure others okay before her she makes sure she is okay. She will beat anyone’s ass if they talk bad about her or someone she loves. Abigail knows everything about anything. She is very trustworthy and loyal to her friends. Abigail doesn’t lie about anything because she has no reason to. Abigail has thicc thighs and a little stomach or a flat stomach.
I wish Abigail was my best friend.

Jordan is so lucky to be Abigail’s boy best friend

I was I had abigails body
by Elia Mae October 20, 2018
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Abigail is an amazing person! They are super talented, loyal, brave, stubborn, egotistical, sarcastic, passionate, (Extroverted or an ambivert) massive dreamers and super stunning. Most likely they are very into drawing, singing and acting! These are the things that drive them to do what they do. They are very daring and will do what ever you ask them to do, but they are also VERY protective of the people around them so if you are doing something that they think is dangerous, mostly they will not let you do it - which is funny because they will do it themselves. But to all this joy and light, there is a dark side to them - they can become lost, confused, broken, quite and procrastinate a lot, this will all lead to depression if they are in this state of mind for to long. To spot this they will stop going outside like they normally do, they will be in there room most of the time and lost all inspiration for the things they love doing. To help them out of this, a good way is to speak to them, ask them what is causing this. (Most of the time there is no reason they just lost there spirit.) after, maybe sign them up for clubs, try and take them out more. Abigail stands for fathers joy, so it’s rare if your Abigail looses sight of themselves. Appreciate every moment you have with your Abigail, because your one luck person.
“Your luck to have an Abigail”
by FrickItsJoeee April 13, 2019
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She is the girl who is always searching for herself. The girl who feels beautiful when spreading joy to others, but has difficulty doing so. The girl who may often fear losing her sanity, because she so often comes close to it, but you never know it because she settles quietly to the side of the room. The girl who tends to keep to herself, but if you give her reason to trust her and time to open up, and you treat with respect, then you're in for an amazing experience with a beautiful person. The girl that intimidates you, in some way or another, because of her silent power, so everyone leaves her to be alone. She is highly intuitive and creative, with a vast imagination. She is strong, intelligent, and knows what is beautiful in life.
Abigail seemed innocent at first, but now I realized she is quite cunning.
by sparkles813 May 29, 2015
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Abigail's usually seem like introverts to people they are not close to. If they act crazy around you, show a variety of different emotions, and/or ask for your advice, they definitely trust you, and you are close friends. An Abigail often hides her true self from most people, and instead tries to fit into what she thinks people will like. She tries to be perfect in everyone's eyes, but she doesn't realize that she's good enough the way she is. By trying to please people, she often as breakdowns and emotional rollercoasters are her life. She also thinks she is vulnerable and doesn't trust many people, she hide her emotions and suffer quietly, wanting to appear as a strong individual and the type of person you wouldn't want to mess with. Abigail's aren't attention whores, and enjoy occasional attention just like everyone else, but mostly stay out of the limelight. Abigail's like to trust people, and know that they have someone to always rely on and talk to, someone who can be honest when they should be. They love to laugh, and enjoy hanging out with people who can make them laugh. Overall, Abigail's are loyal friends, and if you meet one, don't let her go, because she will prove to be one of your closest and most reliable friends!
1: Who's that girl? She seems pretty nice, and she's always laughing.
2: Oh, that's probably and Abigail. If you get to know her well, she's actually kind of crazy and sweet at the same time.
by allthenameswereusedexceptthis1 November 13, 2018
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The most beautiful girl in the world and only a man's true love. Is the girlfriend of a wonderful man.
Abigail is very sweet
by COLTON_99_SAVAGE January 14, 2018
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