A super-sweet girl. Extremely gorgeous and tons of fun. When you meet one you will want to be a huge part of her life but you would have to be very lucky for it to happen. An Abigail will stay on your mind forever so you will know when you meet one.
I started dating an Abigail a while back, she is amazing!
by J Bone21 February 23, 2009
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Easily the most beautiful girl on the planet. No other girl matches her beauty. Her value is that more than a pile of gold. She means the world to her friends and her special one if she's got one. No other woman is as amazing as the girl named Abigail. This cute and pretty girl can be nice 50% of the time and then top that with more niceness and generosity the other 50%. She is widely loved by her family and friends. She is of the utmost supremacy of beauty. Not even the highest scored Miss Universe in history matches just how amazing and beautiful any Abigail is. Also incredibly friendly as well as very positive about everything and everyone she affiliates herself with.
"Hey, you see Abigail over there?"
"Yeah. Wow, I wish I were dating her."
"Everyone does!"
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A beautiful girl who is just about perfect. She does not want to be in the popular group, but she can be, and thinks she is just an average girl. She is good at sports, including soccer and basketball, she is the best with her instrument, and is very smart, which she does not think so. She is bright, humorous, and loud. She is kind and always respectful. But be careful, you don'r want to pick a fight with her. She can turn a war against you. But if you meet an Abigail or date one, you would never want to let her go.
Girl: Ahhhh look at Abigail! She is so popular.

Boy: She is so pretty!

Girl: Do you like her?

Boy: Uhhhhh yeah

Boy 2: Hey back off, she's mine!
by abby_da_awesome November 17, 2017
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Abby, an amazing and talented sweetie. She is there for her friends no matter what and her friends are there for her. Make sure you help her spread joy, happiness and laughter ( much like a Chloe ). Many times you'll find a Chloe by her side, a perfect match. Chloe loves Abby and Abby loves Chloe, they help spread joy and laughter and happiness easily. Abby still tries to be friends with everybody she makes time for other friends too. Make sure you don't ditch her or you'll destroy her happiness. Make sure you treat her right and she'll make the perfect friend.
Chloe: Yay!! So excited!!
Hannah: Why are you so ecstatic?
Chloe: Me and Abby are going to a bunch of different movies...!
Hannah: Well that sounds super cool and fun...
Abby: I would love it if you came along, after we're also having a sleepover!!
Hannh: OMGosh I would love to come you're so nice, Abigail, thank you!!
Chloe: Yay!! Hannah's coming too, this will be so much fun!!
by ChloeCheers June 24, 2015
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A very beautiful person who doesn't care what others say but when they do compliment her she thinks about it all the time. She acts quiet around new people but the people who know her knows shes loud and funny. She's very beautiful and doesn't like to start too much drama. She likes to gas people up and is very encouraging. She doesn't need a man to feel pretty and wanted, and sometimes she's depressed but she never shows it.
Boy #1: Dang, she's fine.

Boy #2: Oh yeah, that's Abigail.

Boy #1: Dang, even her name is sexy, is she nice?
Boy #2: Yeah, and she's hecka funny.

Boy #1: I bet, she's beautiful.
by fohshizzlemynizzle November 9, 2017
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abigails are the sweetest girls you could ever imagine. at first it may seem like she doesnt like you but. once you show her kindness and be sweet to her, she will be sweet back. and if she doesnt like you she will act really weird and thats how you know she doesnt really want to be around you. but she is very sweet and once your her friend she will do anything for you. if you get bullied she will stand up for you. she is a great friend, and good lover. when she has a crush on you, she will try to act as if you are the greatest thing ever.
hot boy: holy crap did you see the new girl abigail?
boy: yea
hot boy: isnt she so nice?
boy: eh. she didnt really seem to like me.
hot boy: really? but she was so nice to me. she treated me like i was a jewel
boy: ok
by confident_bitch October 18, 2018
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The most beautiful girl you'll ever meet. With eyes that shine brighter than any star and a smile that'll light up your world like the 4th of July. Always there for her friends no matter and anyone is lucky to have her. When you meet you'll never wanna let her go. She'll make you smile more than you ever will in your life and laugh till you cry. When you meet one you'll know.
"Look over there see her? Her names Abigail and she's so gorgeous"
by Nmidgett August 14, 2017
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