A name for a girl who is usually beautiful and gorgeous. Typically has perfect eyes that you could get lost in, and reminds you of the beauty in the world.
Josh: "Wow, she's stunning! What's her name?"
John: "Oh, that's Abella. She's really cool."
by SunnyNightLight June 6, 2021
The act of farting whereby you get down on all fours and arch your back and "breathe" in and out through your anal opening. Air is sucked in to the asshole and then expelled in a fart. This goes on in a series of "air in, air out."
Brad was caught in the act of abella which was stinking up the room!
by PennyLove November 25, 2015
Cuban-American former pornographic actress. Having an amazing body, mostly known for her perfect boobs and spanish accent moans. Ranked eighth on a list of "The Top 100 Hottest Porn Stars Right Now."
Woah! Did you see Abella Anderson on Bang Bros?
by twerkG January 11, 2014
A very attractive female that even her stepbrothers and stepfather's can't resist

Likes to suck your penis while your hairy chested-self pretends to sleep.
Retard: who is abella danger?
Normal person: um only the hottest chick ever?
Retard: oh
by P0rnmaster October 30, 2019
She is Levi's lover. Don't even think about Petra.
Abella Steri is in love with Levi, and vise versa.
by AbellaSteri February 7, 2016
Fart bugur
It is used for magic crads Fat burgur is used by drinking milk Abella ahhh Abella S your fat burgur
by Biggirlfish April 15, 2020