a guy who is down to earth. he is not superficial.

likes to climb and take crazy risks because it makes him feel alive.
when he is in love he takes it seriously and would do just about anything for his other half. one of the most romantic people, he loves surprising the people he loves, buying presents and making them smile.

very sociable and care free.
on the other hand, he manipulates people and is a smooth talker, likes to joke around and make fun of others, but never does it with bad intentions.
slightly insecure.
loves his friends but family is very important.
sweet and amazing smile, flirty and great advice giving friend.
doesn't take school very seriously and won't follow rules.
abdu, i love you for everything you do. you're really unique.

that guy abdu is really cool, he helped me with my girlfriend problems and we don't even know each other that well.
by sophieeatsbabies February 17, 2012
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Ist ein toller Boi. Wenn du Glück hast kannst du dich mit ihm anfreunden und es geht eigentlich ganz leicht. Kauf ihm Lachgummis oder KFC. Er ist nett und sorgt für einen und ich will ihn nicht verlieren.
Abdu liebt KFC.
by lil potato Vika-Chan January 7, 2019
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Are the most gullible type of people. They have the strongest gay energy known to man, and won’t hesitate to grab any guy’s ass in public. If they ever offer you a hug, for the safety of your own wellbeing do NOT accept it, it’s a trap.
I heard that guy got Abdu-ed, should’ve seen it coming”
“I can’t believe he pulled an Abdu on me, my parents can’t look me in the eyes anymore”
by SaltMcballs February 12, 2020
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he is a very kind person and likes jollibee chicken he has many friends.
abdu is nice by euan
by u1 d3nz3l November 5, 2020
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girl 1: bruh
boy : bruh

all of them: bruh is that abdu rozik
by jorqiuaispapi June 3, 2021
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He is a drug lord. He is very dangerous he got a strap evert he go. He is very cute and has alot og bitches and he can take your bitch. He has the Best curly hair
That Columbia gut is like el abdu
by TaZe_LaVaH June 13, 2019
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