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Means about
Friend1: Yeah, she really did that shit
Friend2: That's ab crazy asl
by QTT Oop September 07, 2018
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"Aryan Brotherhood" A known prison gang consisting of neo-nazis or skinheads.
Look at my new "AB" tattoo. I got it in prison after joining the Aryan Brotherhood.
by bob johnson December 14, 2004
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Acronym for Adult Baby... see infantilism, adult baby
"Hey dude, why are you wearing a diaper and playing with that rattle?"
"Duhhh, cuz me is a AB 'toopid head!"
"Oh cool... do you need to be changed?"
"Cooooo" ^.^
by Justin March 17, 2005
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To split something with one other person, usually drugs or alcohol.
"Yo you tryna AB this blunt?"
"Fuck yeah, we're gonna get hella high"
by GaylorTang October 05, 2011
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Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers wise receiver who many regard as the top WR in the NFL. He is also known for being an expressive personality, with flashy outfits and impressive dance moves.
“Ayo, did you see the stats that AB put up last night?!?!”
“Yeah, dude is crazy man, he got mad skills!”
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by jonahlong13 November 23, 2017
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The closest friend that can be desired! A girl who is Funny, Beautiful, fit and considerate. Although being all over amazing will not allow herself to believe it and always stays modest. She is also a bit strange but in the best way possible!
"Hey, that girl is SUCH an A.B.!"
"I know right, she really is"
by SunShineLollyPop May 23, 2013
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