Yo, she gots that AB, did u smell that this mornin? It had my stomach in a knot!
by jiggyjus February 12, 2009
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Short for abnormal, the opposite of normal.
"Stop being so ab"
"Lol. you are so ab in a good way"
by xxMxx November 11, 2006
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Ass, Boobs, and Skin. The three most important physical features of a female's body.
Ass=The joining of the legs at ones mid section creating a wide double cheeked rump for dudes to hover over.
Boobs=The female organs used to feed nursing infants and get a guy's atention.
Skin=The protective outer layer of the human body.
Guy:DUDE!!, did you see stacie's A.B.S?
Other Guy:Yeah, man her shit is tight!!
by Justin Niles May 24, 2005
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After Beer Shit. The mighty beast that is produced the morning after a heavy night drinking. Usually offensive to all within a 5 mile radius.
Dude i just had my a.b.s, i'd give it five minutes if i were you!
by slaveboy August 21, 2006
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Anorexic Beer Slut, super skinny girls always looking for free booze with which to intoxicate themselves to a terrible degree, bringing out the need for them to try to hook up with everything that's moving
'Dude Dan watch out for Anna, I hear she's a real a.b.s, don't let her near the brew and if she gets her hands on some run for cover.'
by Jared June 18, 2006
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