he's a good friend and is always there when u need a laugh. he is the "hot jock" of the friend group that is probably mostly girls. He is almost always making stupid jokes and his friends r always reminding him about is "dark time" as a fuck boy. he's always there when u need him and makes sure no stupid guys mess whilth his friends under his watch.
example: thank god abe was there last night i hate being the center of attention
by yoyomybro September 7, 2017
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When I was broke and needed money, I asked Shai for Abes. She just yelled at me.
by danfak20 January 13, 2009
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a person who has a beard (usually from beardvember) that makes him look like abe lincoln
it's only november fourth and conor is already an abe
by jbaza March 6, 2009
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the unfortunate fashion statement when a scraggily pubic hair peeks out from behind someone's bathing suit.
That chick was hot, but did you notice that she was sporting an abe outside of her thong?
by Phil Andrea March 7, 2005
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used to describe a sarcastic remark; used to notify your remark as not to be taken seriously.
Oh boy do I love meatloaf... ABE!!!

girl 1: hey, do you want to go to breakfast looking grungy?
girl 2: thats sounds super!
girl 1 and 2: ABE!!!!!
by habamttons January 27, 2007
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1) Look at that abe over there.
2) Ew i hate abes!
by dangerflamablesubstance March 2, 2009
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