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Means a person of Utmost Strength; mentally, physically, emotionally. Very handsome and smart. Has a killer smile and is a momma's boy. Flirtatious and loves to make people laugh and happy.
One day Aaryan will be a lady's man, due to his personable personality.
by mommyslilman March 23, 2012
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The most sexiest person to be alive. Can be friendly and sometimes scary. People with the name " Aaryan" are the best at cricket.
That guy is batting like an Aaryan.
by Myggg June 01, 2018
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A dumbass hoe who loves licking the soles of fucking converse! Like seriously, he's just a little asshole who will steal your credit card info. If you ever see him, slap the fucking shit out of his little ugly, hairy, and disgusting ass.
Jimmy: Damn, that dude just whipped my ass
Carl: Well, I would bet that an aaryan has done that!
Aaryan: Shut the fuck up you Mexican immigrants
by Utsiawer June 11, 2018
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