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Something that asian people say they have to show how 'together' they are, and how much better their culture is than other cultures. Basically another form of racism.
Black dude: Black pride!

*people clap*

Asian dude: Azn pryde!

*people clap*

White dude: White pride!

*people shout and point* "Racist!"
by Anonymous February 07, 2004
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A term used by most Asians living in Foreign countries who love to declare how '100% Asian' they are, despite being born in a different country. Only hang around other asians and like to make group names such as; 'dA ChInkY BiAtChEs' etc. Like to act like Black Africans in America and listen to Hip-Hop/RnB most of the time. Azn Pride states all Asians live in Harmony with each other - Thats why North Korea cut itself off from the rest of the world. /sarcasm
I made at least 23 Asian friends living in Countries like Korea, China and especially Japan and 98% were totally oblivious and against the Term 'AzN PryDe.'

Th lesson:

You don't have to have 'Azn PryDe' to be Asian.
by An absolute lie x November 04, 2006
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A phrase that some idiot came up with. I can understand being proud of your race... but I don't think it's necessary to scream it every chance you get and go on to spell it "aZn pRyDe". Asian people are just like any other race, there are good people and there are bad people... this phrase IS suggestive that all asians are superior to every other race. So superior, in fact, that they have to move to our country because their country is too badass for them... and then act like morons.

Why the hell would you act like such a dipshit? Indeed, people will give you the attention you are no doubt trying to get with this idiocy, but forget getting any respect.

aZn pRyDe foo!!!11, Behold my IGNORANCE
by D4rk September 17, 2005
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A sick, sad mockery of an otherwise-proud and noble ideal (Asian Pride) used by a detestable sub-culture of an otherwise-proud and noble race of people in an attempt to elevate themselves over people they deem below them (Whites, et al) See also, racism.
CmOn, aLl mY aZn niGgaZ, we gOTz ta bE paRT of A uNIted fROnt agaINSt thA crACkaz anD rELiVE WorLD WaR II, thA KoREAn WaR, The ViETNam WaR, thA RuSSO-JaPANesE WaR anD EverY oTHEr cONfliCT whERe OuR PPL fOUght aGAInsT a HonKEy!
by THE SHAWNER September 07, 2003
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1. Pride in Asian qualities.
2. Being proud that you are Asain.
3. Thinking you are better than everyone else, because you are Asian.
i'Ve GoTtZ aZn pRyDe Up iN dA sHiZeTuL!
by Holla Back! January 26, 2003
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stupid asian kids that try to act badass and themselves look like dumasses. all the asian people that claim "aZn pRYde" are nuthin but a bunch of ABC's who try to act like fobs but cant even speak chinese without a white boy's accent so sit your whitewashed asses down and let the real chinks talk
ABC: yo yo "aZn pRyDE" homie
RealChink: stfu you stupid twinkie
ABC: whoa wheres your "aZn PryDe" cuz
RealChink: gan ni nian de *walks away*
Abc:huh? wut that mean?
by u not diao June 05, 2006
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Unlike "White Power" and "Black Power" I think it started out as a harmless fad back in the early and mid 90's where, all you had to have to have "azn pryde" was to be prideful of being an asian no matter what car you drove, or what music and movies to entertain yourself with, now with emergence of Anime and Chinese movies becomming Mainstreme, Asian pride is becomming a racist train of thought saying that Asians are supirior to Non-Asians. As Stokely Carmichael coined the term "Black Power" I do not know who first coined the term "azn pride" but modern "azn pryde" was probably founded upon by Jackie Chan and Zhang Ziyi
Police cop 1: I just saw some punk-ass Azn pryders take down the American flag, burned it and replaced it with the red china flag.

Police cop 2: Sadly we can't do anything about it, the liberals in congress are gonna fire us for being racist if we arrest them.
by The Harmeister June 08, 2005
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