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(Accidental Wave Interception) *Pronounced: "eh-dub-eye" The embarrassing occurrence when an acquaintance waves in your general direction and you politely wave back, only to look behind you and find that the wave was not intended for you!

(extra points for vocal "hello" included...)
*from across the room*
"Hey there!"

"Oh hi! I didn't even"
*trails off as the waver walks by to the person they were seeking*

(from a friend)
"Ooo...that was some mad AWI action..."
by DowntownDBrizzown July 17, 2009
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A growing problem, seen more and more in news articles related to really foolish behavior. The article will invariably say, AWI or Alcohol Was Involved.

The guy was tired of waiting for passengers to disembark from the plane so he opened the emergency exit door and went out on the wing. Authorities believe that AWI.
by run4urlife January 20, 2009
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An alternative name used by my friends and i for the band AFI.
Davey Havok is really A Woman Inside.
by Eryn Vorn July 15, 2004
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