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Abbreviation for "link goes to." Usage is primarily, though not limited to chat rooms, forums and comment sections of websites such as fark.com.
LGT GIS "Link goes to Google Image Search"
by run4urlife August 09, 2006
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Is the acronym for Commander Amphibious Task Force. This was the designation for the command group overseeing the Allied invasion of Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1945
From the movie, "Saving Private Ryan": After landing on the beach at Normandy, Capt John Miller is sending status reports through his radioman. When the soldier is killed, Miller takes the radio and shouts "Cat F, Cat F," trying to contact the Task Force command. He notices that the radio is out of commission and throws it away.
by run4urlife February 10, 2008
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A growing problem, seen more and more in news articles related to really foolish behavior. The article will invariably say, AWI or Alcohol Was Involved.

The guy was tired of waiting for passengers to disembark from the plane so he opened the emergency exit door and went out on the wing. Authorities believe that AWI.
by run4urlife January 20, 2009
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