Hamzah means strong and/or steadfast in arabic. People usually associated with it are strong willed, have a unparalleled sense of humour, are generally quite modest.

They are usually wanted by the ladies, but generally due to their muslim upbringing tend to flirt, instead of presenting them with their rather large fun stick.
Dude 1: Man that guy's a right Hamzah, he gets all the chicks but doesn't nail them,

Dude 2: I know man! He's definitely going to be a comedian!

Dude 3: He's like the brown Chuck Norris!
by OSSMONSTAH May 16, 2011
A tall person usually very wealthy and has so much money he doesn't know what to do with it,kind and respectful to elders and amazingly fun when around friends,underestimated by many people but shows off his skill and power when people least expect it,usually shy and hides his amazingly muscular body from the girls.
Hamzah idris
by Hijimitsbob January 28, 2014
Oh look, there goes the baddest b...Hamzah!”
by ayalini September 21, 2020
A goat at basketball and black ops with his friend they are unstoppable he is a great person to know he is a badass and a goattt
Hey Hamzah you tryin to play black ops. “HELL YEAH”!
by I’m his lover May 3, 2019
A cute, handsome and innocent boy who is also known as the Ladies' man.
I wish I could meet a Hamzah one day.
A person who isn't generous and kind.Most of the time anyway.He is only kind to people who are kind to him.Not a guy you should mess with.He judges girls on personality and not looks and is very popular
Hamzah is a synonym for baller
by Sexciii December 18, 2017