noise made when something isnt funny enough to laugh but its still funny. its almost a laugh. First used by Fitz, then Jose and then Coach and mailbox. AUH!!!!!!
Dude 1: I just took a huge shit
Dude 2: AUH!!!
Dude 1: Wtf was that?
Dude 2: Its almost a laugh
by Coacheeyola September 22, 2008
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The airport code for Abu Dhabi, the Capital of the United Arab Emirates.
DXB - Dubai
LAX - Los Angeles
YYZ - Toronto
SFO - San Francisco
AUH - Abu Dhabi
by A Boeing 737 MAX 8 September 15, 2021
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When ur covered in peanut butter and it feels good.

(The peanut butter baby said it first.)
Linda: “does that feel good?”
Peanut Butter Baby: “auh”
by imCoOLioSis June 6, 2019
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1.Having sexual intercourse

Person 1: Lets hug!
Their gf: auh~
2. What anime lovers say
"Lets hug"

Squishes the shit out of their gf
by theteeheegod1 June 15, 2022
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a fUKiN wOrd iN a sTUpiD aSS sOnG sung by 6ix 9ine just please kill you self if you like his music
Guy 1- hey listen to this Blicky got the stiffy auh

Guy 2- NO NOT NOW *shoots guy 1 in the back of the head* NO 6ix9ine ANYMORE
by A cool egg March 14, 2018
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