Academy for Telecommunications and Computer Sciences. One of the seven academies that combine to create Bergen County Academies or BCA, that specifically focuses on telecommunications and the computer sciences. Freshmen and Sophomores take a networking and programming class (Java 2), and Junior and Seniors take additional computer science, and telecommunication oriented classes. Over the years ATCS's reputation has be distorted by dumb ass kids who don't know shit about computers, that were rejected from all the other academies during the application process. Just for ya'll information, MOST ATCS students take Analysis 1, and know more about networking and Java that no other BA kid will ever want to know.

Here are some frequently used terms that are used in attempt humiliate ATCS.

"Telemarketer"-name for ATCS student suggesting that he/she will be forced to resort to such a career due to their stupidity.

"Telecom Math"-used to refer to the least advanced math class offered at BA, Algebra 2.
Joe: Aren't those telecom kids so damn annoying!
Bob: I know like I'm in medical I know twice as much about comptuters than they do!I can go to Internet Explorer with out even using the mouse!
Joe: Whoa Joe thats cool, but I can program in HTML!
by SpeakaOfDaTruth February 13, 2005
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(abbr) Address the Top Concerns
Art: I think I have been experiencing a tricky case of designer's block.
Pauly: You should try to ATC of your design(s).
Art: That is a good idea.
by TuroSaave November 27, 2010
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Air Training Corps.
Members are die-hard plane enthusiasts and they can and will prove it. They are also known as Air Cadets.

These cadets are very handy to have onboard a crippled airliner that's going down over some god forsaken wilderness.
Does anyone know how to fly a plane?!

I'm a member of the ATC, I can keep the aircraft in the air.
by Capsicle July 29, 2016
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