The only smart air force in the entire world; with a white, red and blue target as their symbol. Capable of defending one island and their colonies against any threat presented to them.
The Royal Air Force was formed in 1918.
by C-Gull July 21, 2015
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A sexual manuever/ position that involves doing it doggie style, then removing your hands from the girls' hips and placing them in the "fox-eye" position (a.k.a. the thumb and the forefinger touching, upside down, circling the eyes). When the girl finally notices, put your hands back on her hips. She'll look back, then you can do it again. Eventually, when she catches you, you keep your fingers in the "fox-eye" position. She'll say "what are you doing?" You reply, "I am a member of Her Majesty's Royal Air Force!"
Max became a member of Her Majesty's Royal Air Force last night!
by Andrew Block December 7, 2007
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