Anal Rimming. That is, to lick someone else´s ass. Delicious...
When will we see a movi in which Gauge does an ar?
by El Mercenario November 28, 2003
Accelerated Reader. That program that forces you to read for an hour.
Yes, I finally met my AR goal.
by zzcolby March 14, 2017
Abbreviation for "after rebate" frequently used in shopper forums.
Compaq Presario C700T Laptop 299.99 AR at Office Depot
by CouponClipper March 30, 2008
You better watch out before Bubba AR's you.
by Regan Luke March 12, 2006
Acronym for "Action Replay", a video game cheat device.
Dude, you suck if you have to use AR to beat that game.
by Invader TAK August 22, 2004
Augmented reality. The fusion of 3D and real-life imagery, achieved via the use of modern image-processing technology.
Some people believe that AR, the class of technologies that place images or data on top of other views of the physical world, could be the web browser of the future.
by Alkolok November 5, 2009