Id rather have a br than this ar
by pfrank06 February 11, 2009
all rock.
a person that doesn’t care about others people’s opinion and is open minded.
by eroda28 April 19, 2021
Your boyfirend is so AR.
by Brian the Fist April 20, 2022
Escort slang for anal rimming. Sometimes used in ads, and also on review sites like RubMaps. Also intended to avoid incrimination if they get caught.
I called up Layla last night, and not only did she give me a BBBJ and FS, she also let me give her a good AR!
by pectussian October 1, 2015
Antigone Rising
An amazingly talented all-female NYC area rock band started in 1996 gaining recent fame for being the first new artist realeased on Starbuck's Hear Music Series.
wiki: Antigone Rising
person 1: Hey you check out AR's show last weekend?
person 2: YEAH! I LOVES me some AR!
perosn 2: Each one of them is 10 kinds of hot ;P

by KiM_NJ April 30, 2006