She's kind so whenever you need her she'll be there until you tell her ur doing well. She will never back stab you

She's loyal so she would never cheat or do something wrong while being in a relationship
Arely is litterly the best. She's so nice and cool like wow she's amazing
by Fortniteremix August 17, 2018
A girl that the most amazing thing on earth I love her so much #g
I love you Arely

Yeah me to
by Greg3261 April 29, 2016
a wonderful girl who steals the heart of every guy she gets near to, and is an awesome athlete. I would do anything to make her happy.
"Hey where is Areli at?" "she is at the track, bro. Where else would she be?"
by theone who knows the truth August 10, 2015
Beautiful girl whom I am so very in love with. has the biggest heart around and the most amazing smile. Not only does she have the perfect personality but a rockin hot body too! I would travel to the edge of the earth to see her happy, and looking forward to our life together.
where is areli? where do you think? she is with Ty. there always together.
by that guy20 August 24, 2011
Has gorgeous eyes, pretty smile, Beautiful, angel face, amazing personality, can make people laugh, is out going and down for everything fun, she is so pretty sometimes people misjudge her for a hoe or slut, all the boys love to look but do not dare touch, is a huge flirt when in a relationship, she is very loyal and amazing friend, the boys want her, but can't have her, boys tend to fall in love way to soon with this girl, and girls tend to be envious of her.

Areli, is one of the friendliest people I've met.
#auerlia #arella #angel #golden angel #aracely
Arelis is the best woman ever.
by Rachel21 January 14, 2017
A woman who is unique in her own right. Not what you'd expect but a very pleasant surprise. Beautiful inside and most definitely out.

Thoughtful, sweet, real down to earth, and funny. Don't let the looks fool you! She may look like a model but will eat Mickey D's.

I can feel it in my bones that this is someone definitely worth getting to know.

Arelis = Awesome!!
"Yo I was with that chick Arelis last night, and I was like DAAYYUUUMMM! She's a swell gal!"
by kittenadmirer March 6, 2010
Areli is a variant of Arella, Arela (Hebrew) and Aurelia (Latin), and the meaning of Arela is "messenger from God, angel; golden".
The name Areli is so beautiful!
by Fatima Areli February 3, 2010