APOTS: "All Part of The Service" Can be used instead of "You're welcome" in certain contexts. i.e. "All part of the service, ma'am."
Sally: "Thank you *so* much for working all night to help me get that proposal out the door."

Jim: "APOTS."
by Orange Crush January 19, 2007
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it’s the highest tier of its class. elite.
I wish I was apot.

Bruh, that kick flip so apot!
by David Fargomarfo February 5, 2021
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being powerless (NOT metaphorically)

opposite of omnipotent
After Jorrick died, he stop moving and became apotent
by sammy6798 September 24, 2023
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When you're sooooo dog tired of the UK dog adoption system that using all the letters in the correct order is just too much.
Fleur has apotion fatigue, all she wants is a scruffy little terrier who won't drag her Mother In Law across busy roads or kill innocent cats. She's hopeful the Dogs Trust will rescue the situation
by Dog-tired September 16, 2021
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