The act of vigorously introducing extremely hot slices of pizza into a woman's "taint" area. To properly perform the maneuver requires a pizza (the hotter the better), an administer, and a recipient. The recipient must disrobe below the waist and stand facing away from the administer, leaning forward slightly (bracing against a chair or countertop for impact is advisable). The administer takes a slice of pizza in hand and approaches the recipient with it as a professional bowler would approach the lane to throw, he then with all his might slaps the pizza (topping side first) into the woman's genital and buttocks area (aiming centrally for the "taint"). Bonus points may be awarded for significant distance of sauce stains traveling up the recipient's back
Person A: I feel strange asking this Bob, but why is your wife walking so strange today?

Person B: I ordered two large meat lovers last night and we played a few frames of AMF Sloptrough. She is walking like that because of the molten cheese burns I left on her business end.
by DoozerDave May 26, 2008
The harsh termination of a conversation with a fool you can no longer suffer. Pronounced: A - M - F YoYo. Short and direct translation: Adios Mother Fucker, you're on your own. May be used in the presence of children as the concepts of bowling and toys are paramount in their lives - and not fool you are about or to.
Good Friend: "What should we do about Josh? He is the worst wingman ever."
You: "AMF YoYo"
by lorenzo bentway April 12, 2011
A term (acronym) used in high risk adventure sports that are typically done solo or as part of small groups. When you can no longer provide assistance to your team, proper dirtbag etiquette is to let them know they're screwed and self sufficient.

"Adios My Friend You're On Your Own!" Is complicated to communicate in loud, high stress situations so the 'AMF-YOYO' term has been adopted.

It can also be communicated via hand signals if the distance between parties is too great or environmental noise prohibits effective communication. With one and form the classic middle finger, while doing a traditional bye bye wave with the other hand.
*beater Bob swims with his kayak at the top of the rapid, and misses ropes thrown from his friends. As he floats over the precipice of a waterfall, the last thing he hears is "AMF-YOYOOOOO"
by Brown Claw Baptism March 9, 2021
Informal medical acronym used to describe belligerent patients who argue and refuse treatment. Stands for "Alright mother fucker, you're on your own"
That drunk in curtain two is an AMF YOYO.
by Hammerschmidt March 30, 2004
Responsible Person: Since you haven't contributed, we've removed you from the project.

Slacker: You suck! I was working behind the scenes! What the hell... AMF yo-yo; it was a crappy project, anyway!
by Naughty Counselor December 30, 2009
-Double Entandre:
~BAMF: Bad Ass Mother Fucker
~B(f)AMF: Brother from Another Mother Forever

Basically two uber bad-ass tight friends who are more then just BFFL's
Person A: Dude, your like my best bro!
Person B: Fuck that man, we're B(f)AMF's
by Ian Palmer May 10, 2008
"Adios, M* F*. Out the Door, You're On Your Own". Similar to, but more complete than AMF YO YO. Learned from ex-marine medic.
The entry is self explanatory (is this "20 letters and 3 words"?)
by doc4 June 23, 2005