Good bye, sarcastic farewell, go away, get away & don't come back, I'm leaving & I'm not coming back, Adios, Motherfucker, If you don't believe that I'm leaving-count the days I'm gone.
No, I don't want the job, AMF. Don't go away mad; just go away, AMF. You're history, AMF.
by larry lynch April 11, 2008
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"alright im out of here, AMF!"
Did you just call me a motherf*cker Mike?!

"no, I said adios my friend"
by crushnuts September 13, 2012
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This abbreviation would normally follow another word. amf is ass motherfucker
big amf over text meaning big ass motherfucker
by Saffy Emmerson January 05, 2018
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An Alcoholic drink similar to Long Island Ice Tea except drink color is Blue. A drink of preference for Kyle Coady while in GTMO. He is known as the AMF King in GTMO and also has Guinness Book of World Records for Chugging AMF's consecutively.
AMF-Adios Mother Fucker : A drink in which many are not able to remember after drinking this. Nicknamed the Mind Eraser.

1. Bro! Chug your AMF bitch!
2. Patrick! AMF Now!
3. Kyle the AMF King!
4. "I am going to Out-Chug the whole windjammer tonight, and go Fall in a Ditch with Julius Slocum.
5. Guinness Book of World Records - Most AMF's Chugged consecutively., GTMO, June 2015
6. "I am downnn here!!..."
by WebsterDictionary19 December 15, 2016
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Short-hand version of "Adios Motherfucker" or if you feel nice, "Adios, my friend". Depends how much of a homie they are.
AMF- "Adios my friend!"
AMF if you hate them: "Adios motherfucker"
by igotbitchesigothoes July 22, 2019
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