Acronym for Adios Mother Fucker. Indicating that you or a group of people are leaving.
"It's time to AMF to another bar."
by William Barilko November 07, 2013
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Deragatory term for Jews.

Short for "Arbeit Macht Frei" (Work Brings Freedom) which was on the gates of the concentration camps.
Another AMF.....just what the company needs.
by Zyklon B. Goode April 27, 2006
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Acronym for 'American Machine and Foundry'.

Inventor of the first automatic pinspotter machine. Now used in the majority of bowling centres worldwide. AMF also manufacture and supply all spare parts for their machines, lane dressing products, scoring equipment and computer software.

The most recent pinspotter is the 82-90 XL and holds the record for fastest cycle time (8 Seconds).

The most recent scoring system is Boss 9, fully automated scoring with control of most machine functions from several locations (minimum 2, 1 server, 1 front desk). Software also allows centre to customise advertising on the monitors above their lanes.

AMF's only major competitor are Brunswick Bowling, the Apple Mac of the bowling world.
"I accidentally welded a re-spot cell to the bench..."

"I'll get onto AMF for a replacement, you fucking idiot."
by gnarcheese October 16, 2005
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AMF, stands for Ashbournes Most Feared.
A gang in a town called Ashbourne consiting of youths that congregrate around a local fast food outlet.
EG:ashournes most feared amf
by WordDictionairy May 14, 2007
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amf is the name of a ten pin bowling company in the uk. many ofd unsure what it stands for but colleagues who work there often use the terms:

always means fun


all men flop
by SpeakerBoxx August 11, 2005
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Good bye, sarcastic farewell, go away, get away & don't come back, I'm leaving & I'm not coming back, Adios, Motherfucker, If you don't believe that I'm leaving-count the days I'm gone.
No, I don't want the job, AMF. Don't go away mad; just go away, AMF. You're history, AMF.
by larry lynch April 11, 2008
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