Standing for "Best Friend For Life," BFFL is used between people that like each other, but know that they won't be friends in the afterlife. Not as binding as BFF ("Best Friends Forever").
Dave: "Hey BFFL, I was thinking. We're close friends. Why don't we start calling each other BFFs?"

Jeff: "I'm sorry Dave, I just can't make that kind of commitment. However, if we do happen to be best friends in the afterlife, I'll definitely upgrade our relationship."

Dave: "Thanks man. I really appreciate it."
by sammysf October 26, 2010
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"After having a friendship for 40 years Mary and Sharon consider each other BFFL's"
by Alexander Sedler October 30, 2003
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pronoucned: biff-uhls
more than one best friend for life
I'm hanging with my bffls tonight, how about you?
We're bffls!!
by that_random_blonde April 22, 2009
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best friends for life- someone who is always there for you, someone you can trust, rely, and depend on. A shoulder to cry on, a mouth to laugh with, an ear to tell secrets too.. Someone who no matter what happens between you guys you will always forgive them and make UP..a bffl is someone you hang out with a talk to and tell more to then regular friends tehre the ultimate friends.. the best and the highest..
brittney and kaitlyn we're soo close they were more then friends they were bffls.
by <3.kaitlyn.<3 March 5, 2006
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Butt-Fucker For Life. The person who will always be the one you like to take it in the butt from. Your favorite companion for anal sex. Not to be confused with Best Friend For Life, though they can be one in the same.
"Have you seen David lately?"
"Yeah, he's my bffl."
by bfflpower222 October 27, 2009
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Best friends for life when you meet a person that you love unconditionally stole your hart in the shadows. helped you when no one else was there you cry together love together keep secrets and have each other's backs over anyone in the world. A friendship that only comes once in a lifetime appreciate them for exactly who they are no imperfections.
I couldn't ever replace my bffl
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd August 31, 2019
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The new terminology for friends.
"Best friends for Life"
Either used to mock shortened computer lingo as in "omfg we are sooo bffls!" or mistakingly said when referring to a friend, can slip out in coversation by accident like LOLs sometimes do.
Jesse: Why are you hanging out with Karen? I thought you hated that bitch?
Mary: Oh god no we bonded in the ladies room the other day and are totally bffls!

"Omg Stacey and Lindsey are like joined at the hip .. they are like over the top bffls!"
by yourstruly-- March 13, 2008
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