A tagalog/Filipino word that mean "Son of a bitch".

Evolution of "amf":
Amf = Amfota = Phota = Puta = Putang ina = Putang ina mo

Amf is actually "PUTANG INA MO"'s shorthand version. It was first seen on the popular game "Philippine ragnarok Online", now it is used in IRC and IM (Yahoo Messenger)

Amf has two uses:
1) To Offend / Insult someone
2) As an expression

See also: Putangina mo, Gago , Lol, hehe
Usage 1: pRO ingame scenario

*Player A Killed A Monster*

*Player B took the LOOT without permission *

Player A to Player B: Amf ka! Go to hell! GRRRRRRR.

Usage 2: IM Scenario

Someone: Have you heard that the Peso to Dollar rate is 60 pesos to a Dollar?

Me: amf?!

Usage 2.1: IRC scenario

Someone: I love eating icecream, especially when its dipped in ketchup.

Me: amf. ( Same as LOL )
by Javarush October 08, 2005
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Amf is a shortening for "Arbeit macht frei" which is German and means something like "Work brings freedom"

Amf is usually used as a motivating line to make people work.

The german sentence originates from a Nazi death camp, where it's purpose was to motivate the workers to do more work and less slacking.
- "Hey Joe, I need to do this homework for tomorrow, it's really a pain in the ass"

- Joe: "Don't complain, AMF"

- You are right, I can enjoy life once again after all this shit
by Mr Teapot September 22, 2009
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Adios Mother Fucker, another way of saying goodbye, peace out, etc.
guy1: "Alright I will see you tomorrow"
guy2: "Alright, AMF"
by greyham February 18, 2008
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Anal Muscle Failure, Extreme Diarrhea where you just can't hold it anymore. In severe cases it's C.A.M.F (Catastrophic Anal Muscel Failure) where you litteraly crap yourself.
Yesterday after lunch I had an AMF, I almost didn't make it to bathroom.
by bderen May 08, 2008
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"We need another gallon of AMF to test this batch of tampons."
by rothbardacus March 11, 2015
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