Jail ('School') where Jail Guards ('Teachers') Torture you.
Kid: I'm going to a Death Camp! I am going to die of boredom!
Mom: Bye!
by Schoolsucks January 5, 2014
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-a fashion trend that has resulted from anorexia and malnourishment being depicted as, and associated with "beauty" by various celebrities and advertisements.
-the idea that intentionally starving oneself and looking like a death camp inmate is attractive and sexy.
-also a term used to describe any celebrity who looks as thought they just got released from Auschwitz.
Person A:
"Those Olsen twins look like they need to eat a fucking sandwich or something."

Person B:
"They're death camp chic."
by VulvaHammer April 29, 2010
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Nazi German death camps that were located in Poland after it was occupied by the Third Reich.
Person1: "Those Polish death camps set up to exterminate the Jews were horrible!"

Person2 (possibly Polish revisionist):"Don't you mean 'Nazi German death camps located in Poland'?"

Person1:"...Yeah, thats what i said, Polish death camps"
by are u kidding me? February 19, 2018
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