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Good bye, sarcastic farewell, go away, get away & don't come back, I'm leaving & I'm not coming back, Adios, Motherfucker, If you don't believe that I'm leaving-count the days I'm gone.
No, I don't want the job, AMF. Don't go away mad; just go away, AMF. You're history, AMF.
by larry lynch April 11, 2008

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pain in the ass, unpleasant, difficult, nuisance, difficult job, impossible job
Globalization is an interesting problem for many nations.
VP Cheney is an interesting person.
by larry lynch July 10, 2008

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ignorant motherfucker, stupid bastard with delusions of adequacy, person who has a lousey job with an important title-like investigative reporter, coordinator, domestic engineer
That IMF on WXYZ said the Crips & the Bloods are hooking up with the Norteros
by larry lynch April 07, 2008

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a Muslim sister who wears a head covering but ho clothes like micro minis
Fatima is buff ho jabib with that leather mini micro.
by larry lynch December 13, 2007

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made of shit, artificial shit, shitty plastic, adhesive that looks like shit, ersatz shit
They're taking up a collection to get a fecaloid statue of the mayor made & put in city hall.
by larry lynch April 19, 2008

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made of mazo meal, not taro root, paste, dip, goop
Quit slurping up that library paste, it ain't poi vey.
by larry lynch April 19, 2008

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unable to adapt to change, inflexible, ignorant motherfucker, can't learn, can't learn jack shit, dumb, not hip, stupid, no street smarts
Baby, I put you down 'cause you're copeless.
by larry lynch April 11, 2008

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