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An amazing women. Usually from the South. Has beautiful blue eyes and naturally flowing hair. Out-going, fun loving, and loves to laugh. Makes guys hearts melt when walking into a room.
Wow I would love to marry Alee one day!
by rizzaroni February 16, 2010
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Tends to be A Crazy Country girl who has incredible eyes. She is beautiful beyond belief. A
girl you would want to be with forever. She can make you smile whenever your
feeling sad. She is Amazing in everyway possible. She digs Peace signs and the
70's. She is random and makes funny noises.
She is such an Alee
by RMEB March 17, 2009
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The most caring girl you will ever meet. She can also be crazy but if your important to her she will do anything for you. Always sees the good in people and also can spot a fake one from miles away. She is always down to party but also would rather stay home. She's the perfect wifey material.
wow look at alee, she's cooking AND she folded your drawers.
by Lovaaaxo July 03, 2017
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Al-ee, better known as aly, or alyssa is usually a beautiful person<3 they know exactly how to make you feel better about situations.
always there for you, no matter what...even if they're in a situation 3 times worse than the one they're helping you with.
you can't NOT love al-ee (;
someone: Hey, i just met this really supertastic person.
someone else: oh HAHA, that's Al-ee.
by Selenie weenie. September 30, 2011
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One of a kind woman, super laid back. Probably a stoner. Would be the best girlfriend. Great lay.
by Lovaaaxo March 04, 2017
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a vegetarin, tree hugger, who tries to set herself apart from others.
and is usually a bigg slut.
she is such a Alee
by blahhhhh September 12, 2007
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A guy who people thinks has a girly name. A very sweet lovable person and quite talented. Girls will get wet just by staring at him. Usually Asian and works out alot. He is also very useful, smart, and a guy a you can count on.
Hey cutie, you're such an Alee
by fagalein December 13, 2014
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