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Often compared to something of great size.

Refers to when The Serbian Empire was at the peak of its greatness, at the death of Stefan Dušan in 1355
-Have you seen the size of that thing?

-Yeah, it's almost as big as the serbian empire in 1355.
by Snobb July 31, 2017
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Label given to everyone who does not agree with the political left
Person A wants low taxes, a strong military, and restricted immigration. Therefore he is a bigot.
by Snobb March 30, 2018
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People who are 'Not In the Labour Force'.

This is not to say that they are unemployed and looking for work, but are out of the labour pool altogether.
The share of NILFs as part of the population, especially among men, has been rising for decades.
by Snobb May 27, 2021
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A measurement of the time it takes for the Overwatch player AKM to charge Genji's ultimate.

One AKM's Genji is roughly 3 minutes and 44 seconds.
I'll see you in about two AKM's Genji ults.
by Snobb April 22, 2018
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