Russian: "Best friend back in motherland Russia."
Non-Russian: "Oh really what was his name?"

Russian: "His name AK-47..... Big gun. Nobody mess with him."
Non-Russian: "I'll be your friend. My name's M16, nice to meet you."
by Alexander Vladimir Petrovich November 13, 2011
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The most produced Assault Rifle of the past Century. The AK-47 fired 7.62mm ammunition, later changed to the modern NATO standard in the AKM. Copied by countries all over the world, especially old Soviet-Bloc Cold War countries.
The AK47 rifle is easy to maintain is is reliable in all conditions at a very affordable price and is very easy to manufacture.
by Ep1taph July 14, 2003
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I GOT ONE. MOSTA THESE DEFFINITIONS IS ONLY HALFWAY TRUE. where do i start? i have the sar 1 (search and rescue). it shoots very true providing you know the tajectery of your ammo. most yuppies dont and get on the internet complaing. when the ak came into production the sks went out. the ak was designed for urban warfare. it is not a sniper rifle although an 800 meter (875.1 yard) shot is possible. if you buy one i recomend the chineese military 75/100 round drum wind up type. dosent jam. did i mention that the ak dosent ever jam. (unlike the ar15,m16,m4,etc.) you can without tools break it down and put it back together in the field. sand is not a problem. barrel insides dont rust. its a tough weapon. its like "the glock" of assault rifles. Mr. kalaskinov was a genious. he said let the sights be mounted to the barrel and all the other moveable parts be clanking and banging around behind it. the american gunsmiths however say build it tight. thats why the m16 jams- there is no room for a few grains of sand and thus you need a guide assist rod. you can see daylight between the upper and lower recievers of the m16. they built it real tight huh?
I am cornholio... my bung hole goes rat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat-tat
by who dat November 07, 2004
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a strong type of weed thats the shit 2 smoke and u can not make a strain of weed with coke in it its impossible
yo me homie got sum ak47 got me high all night
by tom hirst August 04, 2005
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A weapon of remarkable simplicity and reliability. Though not as accurate as a Colt, it will continue to function effectively in adverse environmental conditions when others fail. Lightweight and user friendly, it is inexpensive and uses easily obtainable rounds. It's unique report identifies the user as a foe of U.S. forces.
That's an AK ; unfriendlies in the vicinity!!
by numerator April 30, 2005
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Kick ass gun made by a russian weapons designer by the name of Kalashnikov. It's the weapon of choice of the third world, dictator militias in developing countries, coup d'etats, gangs, and just about anyone who wants an inexpensive, durable, SMG performance rifle that's feared by every law enforcement group in the world (except for russian police, AK's are a standard issue there).

They fire the mid-sized but powerful 7.62x39 mm round at a mid-range fire rate, but the shiznit they punch out makes an american m-4 look like it's airsoft counterpart. This advantage is even complimented with the ease of use of the gun, easy found ammo, and durability of the carbine. You can literally throw a kalashnikov in the mud and stuff it with sand and fire it after without any jamming or messing of the barrel.
However, the AK isn't much of of a long range advocate. With open iron sights and warping wood stocks, you can't really trust the aim of the gun at any moment. But hell, that's where the phrase "spray and sweep" gets it's name from. Unload a 30 clip in the general direction of your target and your bound to put at least 5 rounds into em.
1) ...Oh, shit, it's Wayne Brady! The man's gotta AK! run for it-Kak! kak! kak!... (gets shot thrice in the back from the drive by)

2) hah, look at this, just got this new AK-47 from Don Jose in Monterrey. He buys 'em straight cash from Cuba: $150 a piece. Can't beat it...

by Mickgriddle November 11, 2006
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automatic kalashnikov designed in 1947.
the gun most widely used by guerilla fighters all over the world. used becuase of its high rate of fire and durability.
unprone to jamming in sand or when wet its is extremely reliable.
it is used mainly "when you absolutley positively have to take out every mother fucker in the room" =p
i had to take out every mother fucker in the room so i used my AK-47.
by enigma-charles January 22, 2008
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