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All in one,
Could be used to describe various software that is bundled in one package but could also be used for alot more other things.
Dude1: this package got a AIO bundle, so we don't need to buy the rest of the software separetly
by deathilic November 21, 2005
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In another word: Multifunctional.
This super car has the abilities to fly, dive, swim, camouflage, dig and even do your laundry AIO.
by A Humble Mercenary August 28, 2011
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AIO is a type of gay anal sex where person 1 is jerking off person 2 while person 3 is analing person 1
“How was the AIO last nite” said jimmy “it was good till bob pissed on me
by MrOozer January 4, 2021
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What you say when something is amazingly cool, refreshing, witty and honest.
You are walking down the street rocking out to music on your new headphones, someone screams, “Your headphones are so Aio!”
Your friend gets tickets to the playoffs and invites you. You shout, "You’re so Aio!”
by LeneWitIt April 26, 2013
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With our in house AIO, you can't not cook a drop!

Included with your LiveCops Membership is access to our All In Once Chrome Extension, supporting sites like Aldi, Shopify, Stripe and Supreme to name a few!.
LiveCops AIO is very pog
by Jazzzi April 4, 2021
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Aio appreciation day is on his birthday. If you dont know his birthday thats on you.
" happy aio appreciation day aio!"

" thanks :)"
by Kn0x May 29, 2021
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