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Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal. It is given with a time period, typically six months or one year. In criminal court, at least in New York, an ACD is a form of a suspended sentence, and is typically given out to low-level offenses such as smoking marijuana outside. If the judge gives a defendant a six month ACD, the charge(s) get dismissed and sealed if the person does not get in trouble with the law again within a six month period. If the person does get in trouble, the original charge can be brought up again. It does not necessarily imply guilt, however it may make more sense for an innocent person to simply accept the ACD and stay out of trouble than to pay the cost of defending oneself.
Since Joey and Jillian had no priors, the DA gave them both six-month ACDs for being caught fornicating in public. If they can keep their romance to the bedroom and avoid legal troubles for six months, the embarrassing charges will simply disappear.
by ManhattanTrader November 22, 2011
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Adj. The state of being intoxicated at a casino in which you win money at the craps table and your subsequent celebratory leap lands you on top of a slot machine with such force it wins you a free trip to the "back room". Upon sobering up the next day your body is covered with bruises, either from the slot machine or the cow prod used in the "back room."
After returning from his weekend trip to The Showboat, Lou sat on the shower floor, when Jen asked were all the bruises on his body came from, Lou found the energy to smirk and say "I got AC'd these weekend."
by Patricia Hostin March 03, 2008
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John: Hey did you hear about the car crash in the city last night?

Jack: Sure did! They need to stop giving these yellow people licenses!

John: True. ACD
by I no scoped JFK November 07, 2011
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Acronym: Anal Compulsive Disorder

A person who is obsessively clean and needs things to be in certain places to feel relaxed.
John is so ACD that he vacuums around his bed every night before he goes to bed!
by Dewey B. September 04, 2005
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arian complex disorder; a disorder in which the person suffering believes that he or she is arian. They often times display anger and hostility towards minorities, especially jews.
Joe seems to be suffering from acd he just punched that black jew for no reason at all.
by tfenbers February 18, 2011
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