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Angry Black Woman.

A state of mind that black females can go into if given proper stimuli. This results in unpredictable behavior, and usually results in violence and/or chaos.
You can make a sistah get all ABW if you try and get'wit her man.
by Jason Striker June 11, 2008
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Angry Black Woman Syndrome - an extension from ABW (Angry Black Woman)

Every woman has it, find a way to push their buttons and they will get mad crazy on you. Push them to the limit and they get diagnosed with a common disease called Angry Black Woman Syndrome. There's no cure, just shut your mouth, let the woman speak/get crazy on you, and continue to live a happy life.
White/Asian/Hispanic/etc Woman: Does this make me look fat?

Man: Hugs your love handles like no other!
Woman: Love handles? OH HAIL NAH! Don't effing sdkfjsd;fkjsdf dsfsdjfsdklfjs *** *** ***** ****!

Man: *udder breath* Damn. ABWS.
by F train July 09, 2010
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Afternoon Butt Wipe
The act of going to the restroom, typically in the afternoon hours, soley to address Swamp Ass.
Optional: Leave the soiled toilet paper unflushed to save water.
Matt: "Were you just in the bathroom? That was quick."
Scott: "My butthole was itching something fierce. It required a quick ABW."

Dave: "Hey man, let's go on a jog."
Scott: "Sounds great, just let me knock out a quick ABW before we head out."
by Buster4abw March 15, 2014
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Authentically-Born Woman

Statement to confirm that the person in question was born originally-a woman. As opposed to scammer trannies.
guy 1: Check that girl out. She legit?
guy 2: Totally ABW. She grew up in the same neighborhood as I did.
guy 1: Time to lay game, then!
by freon76 August 02, 2011
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ABW = All Be Warned. Another catchphrase made popular by the followers of Charlie Sheen, who is still winning.
The warlock is on the prowl, abw.
by tylerdurden89 April 15, 2011
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ABW = always be winning. This is an attitude one brings to every encounter in life. Whether it be business, women, or whatever. The attitude someone who see something they want, and effin takes it. Never to be denied. Always be Winning
Guy 1: So I had one of my booty calls over last night. I didn't feel like F*****G her so I told her to make me a sandwich. Then I made her blow me while she fed me the sandwich.

Guy 2: Dude, sooo ABW.
by Mivanusk June 06, 2011
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