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When something is big, scary and pink. If all three do not apply, then it is not an Alaskan Bull Worm.
*Big pink monster appears from the shadows*
by Iced Liberal April 20, 2020
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A giant, pink, will-eat-anything worm from Alaska. As seen on the episode of Spongebob Squarepants when a fish-guy's butt got eaten. Along with Sandy's tail.
"But it's an ALASKAN. BULL. WORM." -Spongebob
"Come home before curfew or you will get eaten by an ALASKAN BULL WORM." - your mom
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The act of taking a Popsicle, and using it as a dildo in your partners anus. Once the Popsicle has melted in the anus, you proceed to have anal intercourse until you spunk in the anal cavity. Once the spunkage has stopped you proceed to suck the sweet and salty mixture out of your partners anus.
"yo bro i was gonna rail my girl last night and she turned around on me and told me to give her a Alaskan Bull Worm"

"wtf is an alaskan bull worm?"

"You DONT wanna know"
by Fudizzle November 22, 2011
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When you shit in a girls mouth and tuck tape it shut, shove a Popsicle in her anus until the shit comes out of her nose in the shape of a bull ring
Alaskan Bull Worm ;strange anal sex
by Gandolf the black December 1, 2013
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Covering your penis in vanilla ice cream and hate fucking an asshole then eating said asshole.
I gave my girl an Alaskan Bull Worm with sprinkles.
by Severus R. August 29, 2018
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When a person sits on a woman's vagina and takes a dump in her vag. When the shitter is finished, the woman pushes out the feces into the other persons anus. This goes on forever.
No milk for me today, gotta be solid for the Alaskan bull worm my wife and I are having tonight.
by Tbologna December 1, 2016
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A kinky sexual act that is hard to pull off but do not worry, there is a simple 5 step process that goes as follows:
-start making love to your significant other
-once you are both fully naked, the guy must spring back like an elegant eagle
-The guy must strike a confident pose
-Then once the guy is ready he must charge at his lover with all his might and penetrate the vagina
-repeat the first 4 steps until you are sexually satisfied
When my girlfriend was on her period her whole vagina was red, so I thought it would make sense to try The Alaskan Bull Worm on her, but unfortunately her period was actually a red pancake so... things got worse..........
by Mistertux441 November 24, 2016
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