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A giant, pink, will-eat-anything worm from Alaska. As seen on the episode of Spongebob Squarepants when a fish-guy's butt got eaten. Along with Sandy's tail.
"But it's an ALASKAN. BULL. WORM." -Spongebob
"Come home before curfew or you will get eaten by an ALASKAN BULL WORM." - your mom
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The act of taking a Popsicle, and using it as a dildo in your partners anus. Once the Popsicle has melted in the anus, you proceed to have anal intercourse until you spunk in the anal cavity. Once the spunkage has stopped you proceed to suck the sweet and salty mixture out of your partners anus.
"yo bro i was gonna rail my girl last night and she turned around on me and told me to give her a Alaskan Bull Worm"

"wtf is an alaskan bull worm?"

"You DONT wanna know"
by Fudizzle November 21, 2011
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When you shit in a girls mouth and tuck tape it shut, shove a Popsicle in her anus until the shit comes out of her nose in the shape of a bull ring
Alaskan Bull Worm ;strange anal sex
by Gandolf the black November 30, 2013
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When you color an uncurcumsized penis green and then ejaculate over a girls ass while she farts so it sprays right back onto your penis. This will undoubly make your dick look like a worm covered in snow from alaska.
I got the alaskan bull worm yesterday.
Venny Nestawhatthefuckisthisname.
by CumDrinker666 January 25, 2010
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Getting a blowjob from a tundra wookie while your both butt naked in the snow
I just got a Alaskan Bullworm out back in the next door neighbor s back yard
via giphy
by l3uttstuff December 06, 2017
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When a person sits on a woman's vagina and takes a dump in her vag. When the shitter is finished, the woman pushes out the feces into the other persons anus. This goes on forever.
No milk for me today, gotta be solid for the Alaskan bull worm my wife and I are having tonight.
by Tbologna November 30, 2016
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