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Acronym for 'Wizz In My Pants'. Self explanatory. To urinate in one's own pants. Can be used in literal terms or as a figure of speech (for people who got dead scared of something)
Literal: Damn man! I got so drunk last night, I W.I.M.P.-ed!
Figurative: That movie was so scary I W.I.M.P.-ed out.
by freon76 May 12, 2010

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Authentically-Born Woman

Statement to confirm that the person in question was born originally-a woman. As opposed to scammer trannies.
guy 1: Check that girl out. She legit?
guy 2: Totally ABW. She grew up in the same neighborhood as I did.
guy 1: Time to lay game, then!
by freon76 August 02, 2011

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