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stands for Asian Baby Boy. They're cute, they wear supreme, theyre probably fuckboys. But their skin is as soft as a baby's butt, and theyre definitely using daddy's money and stringing you along.
Damn, that ABB got me all kinds of fucked up. I listened to SZA all week.
by ABB_Supreme May 19, 2018
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Also known as the abdominal muscles; the muscles over the stomach below the ribbs (i.e: rib cage), containing normally 6 firm muscles packed together (i.e: 6 pack). If well toned they can be quite strong and hard, often bigger with men, they develope over purberty normally.
Dude: Hey what's up? (walking accross the beach)

Chick: Wow! Nice abbs hottie, wanna go for a swim?

Dude: (whispers) Thank you abbs...
by Gdogs McC January 28, 2006
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a fucking amazing foursome of friends...very good friends;
(their inicials just happen to spell abbs)
-so i was gonna invite you tonight..BUT we decided to make it an A.B.B.S thing.
-so why cant i join abbs?!?!?!
-uh its not called a foursome for nothing, plus i dont think you could handle it.
by youdontneedtoknowmyname;] February 06, 2009
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Asian Guy: Im in this hell sik gang called ABB
White Guy: Oh sweet how do you get in?
Asian Guy : You have to be asian and bad
by Asian Rep January 31, 2011
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Acronym for Asian Boss Bitch. Related to the term AGB (Asian Baby Girl), but the subject in question is as many parts driven, passionate, and stubborn as an ABG is basic and attention-seeking.
"Wow, Becca just gets shit done nonstop."

"I know right, what an ABB"
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