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The American Beerpong Association of America. A group of individuals who have attempted to turn the game of Beer Pong into a real sport with set rules and regulations. They tour the country having tournaments in bars and fraternities in college campuses nationwide. They have a website:
Lets hit the bar next week, the ABAA is going to be in town.
by Darth_Spanky October 23, 2006
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Abbreviation for All Black, All Anal. Nice little thing to slip into a class presentation.
Jessie was talking to Zach, but Zach liked ABAA, so he blew of Jessie and went and hooked up with Lisa.
by asdfasdfasdfikej November 05, 2006
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Abaas is the type of friend who listens to you when you wanna rant about stuff and gives good advice no matter the situation.
I'm stressed, I need to call Abaas mannnn.
by Realm August 03, 2017
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