A place where people drink under assumed names
Man: My name is Les, Les Bian
AA group leader:Welcome Les, whats your tipple?
by umpirestrikesback May 08, 2005
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Attracting Attention AA
You see someone walking the street in lime green dress and hot pink stillettos, you'll say, "Look at her. She's so A A"
by Nicholas Ethan Lim April 17, 2008
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A African American or someone who looks black.
All these lazy A.A.'s are breathing the white mans air!
by Matthew T. Kane June 19, 2006
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The size of a battery used in flashlights. It gives you the power. You never know when you might need an AA.
Mike:"Shit, my flashlight is out of batteries. How am I going to see those zombies?"
Me an intelectual:"No worries, here have some AAs."
by SpyMouse January 27, 2021
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Alaina’s Angle- where you use the same angle for taking selfie’s because it’s ur best and only angle u look good in
Alaina- Does this picture look okay?
Hailey- Yeah it looks the same as all the other ones though, you have the case of AA
by alainarae19 February 16, 2021
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