Former leader of the state of Rhodesia. Today he is more famous among rhodieboos who share Smith's views on white supremacy while idolising his negligible career as an RAF pilot in World War II.
Rhodieboos love to jerk themselves raw to the legacy of Ian Smith.
by theallseeingeyeball September 06, 2021
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The leader of the great Rhodesia. He is the only good leader in African history becuase he was the only person to not be racist and respect the natives. The British used to hate him because of UDI but now they respect him and his country the same way they do Australia or Canada, simpily because Rhodesia is now the shithole Zimbabwe
Ian Smith was a great leader
by Neddyfram! :D April 08, 2019
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A man-child who can either be really fun, really loving, really annoying, or a real pain in the ass.
Ian smith was put in my group yesterday, I just hope he actually works.
by Autumn Allen! June 14, 2017
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He is very handsome,wise and all girls and mature women die for him.They can kill to just have him.He is mainly knew as every girls pillow
I have one but i swear i buy him things just to be with him that is my ian smith
by Gift bity November 24, 2021
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A Based man who lead Rhodesia and keep the enemy north of the Zambezi
Ian Smith: Rhodesia is based but the commies will ruin it.
Robert Mugabe: I'm a dirty red commie and i will just print more money and take land from the whites.

(Zimbabwe goes broke and is poor and dirty)

Ian Smith: I told so guys that the commies will ruin a land that prosper.
by December 28, 2021
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