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A term of endearment or annoyment. Used before any sentence you would say to a friend or family member in Fall River.
A-guy, you wanna go play some football?
A-guy, stop hitting on my girl!
A-guy, this movie is great, no?
A-guy, I'm going home.
A-guy, My dad is making chourico this year, does your vavo want any?

A-guy, (insert any thing you'd like)
by soccakidfr November 16, 2009
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defined for talking to a friend. as a greeting , or a question. to start a conversation or again simply the begging of a question . Used for friends ,and mostly guys. example
'A guy whats up?

'A guy you going to the show tonight.?

'A guy haven't seen you in forever man .
by ohgravity March 08, 2009
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