"hey, you got the a-squad for the party tonight?" "hecks yeah!"
by cheetohbaah October 10, 2009
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this is a meme youtube channel and company. I am James Schlueter, leader of squad squad. go to youtube.com/squadsquad to subscribe.
squad squad is doing good on youtube! he got 1000 subs in like 7 days!
by USST-James January 25, 2019
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An expression used when showing exitment about doing something with your close friends. Also used to show companionship.
‘The whole group is going out to town later!’
Yasss! Squad squad squad!’
by Yourpersonalityrevealed November 1, 2018
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Crew, posse, gang: an informal group of individuals with a common identity and a sense of solidarity. The term is a bit flashy and is more likely to be heard in hip-hop lyrics than in spoken conversation.
You step to me, and my whole squad will come down on you.
by Greenie March 24, 2004
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A word overused by teenagers that think they're ghetto to describe their clique of friends. Usaully screamed in the hallways at highschool or used as a hashtag in Facebook and Instagram posts.
"Went to get some frozen yogurt with the squad."
"Squad at this table"
"Had a sleepover with Brett and Luke #squad"
by Takarada October 16, 2014
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The act of using Facebook for the sole purpose of participating in the group page Basshead Squad
"The only time i'm on Facebook is when i'm Squading."
by SQUADPITMASTER January 30, 2015
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To get up to some mean hood rat shit with one's squad
"Hey babe, whatcha up to?" "Oh, squadding with the squad, as usual"
by munschkin April 4, 2015
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