A Basshead refers to someone who enjoys heavy basslines regardless of what genre of music. Musical taste of a basshead can range from Rap to country with modified basslines. Some defining ways of recognizing bassheads is heavy subwoofer instillations in their vehicles as well as having headphones which have been designed for the drivers to produce the most bass possible.
Dude, Isn't that too much bass? doesn't it hurt? Nah dude, I'm a basshead, It's what I do.
by TheBassFIend March 18, 2015
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!Someone who excessively listens to grimey dubstep and uses Cocaine, MDMA, Acid, or Tabs on a regular or weekly basis. This typically refers to most college kids in the age range of 18-23 years of age.
Dude, Do you have anything else other than Dubstep, House, and Trance Music on your Ipod?

Fuck no man, I'm a basshead dipshit... Now stop bitching and do this line before I do it!
by GrimestepNoseBleed February 22, 2011
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Basically someone who goes to a bunch of raves, and gets high on a shit ton of different drugs
Ryan is a basshead, she goes to raves all the time and snorts crack and drinks Molly while she is there
by Cool dude 69 December 7, 2018
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Basshead is subgenres of emo/scene culture usually focused around dubstep with heavy bass. A basshead usually has a slimified profile pic and says stuff like, “you don’t even know the culture” when talking about slime tattoos and briddim.
“John headbanged so much at that Trampa show, he fractured his neck”

“Whoa dude he’s a real basshead.”
by FUZo October 23, 2018
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(n.) 1)A person who has a SERIOUS addiction to excessive levels of music in the 20-100hz range while seated in there ride.
2) One who prefers the attention and pleasure of 130+dB bass inside there ride over the benift of still having working ears beyond the age of 35.
Yo, look at that cracka BassHead with his 4 dub7's in that civic.
by Cassetti April 14, 2004
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the die-hard fans and followers of Bassnectar.
Of course i did! im a Basshead and i cant get enough of that WOMP! id follow him to the ends of the earth!
by candygirl24 July 6, 2011
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A man who loves to listen to the jungle or drum & bass music or possibly any other genre with strong bass.
I'm teh real basshead! tech itch r0x!
by gctechs December 2, 2004
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