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A man with a cornucopia of man meat. He has so much wood, he could stockpile more lumber than home depot. A Kramer is a man with a cock that hangs sooo low, it leaves skid marks on the pavment. He loves destorying the meat wallets. He hits all walls and makes bitches squeal. He pulverizes skanks, kicks all ass, and makes Chuck Norris cry. He leaves a pile of unconscious bitches when he has sex, it appears to be a holocaust of satisfied women.
I left the club and got kicked in the face. When I woke up, I saw A Kramer banging my bitch on my own car, and she loved it. He came in her vag, kicked me again, and walked away screaming " enjoy my kid in 9 months fucker!!"
by lajkdbsqwiuadvba June 11, 2010
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