A Complete Tosser, A Absolute Wanker, One who is not fit to converse with other humans, a Fricken Meathead
Stop being such a Fev, That guys is being an absolute Fev
by Chikon October 7, 2009
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The FEV as many of the fallout fans know is the forced evolutionary virus from the fallout series
man, this is weird... this VAULT is weird... why would anyone expose people to the FEV?
by miskolel February 12, 2016
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to do all the fortnite dances at the same time while screaming the lyrics to gangnam style
his favorite sport is fev, he is good at fevving, he fevved so much it hurt
by jinsleftbigtoe January 30, 2019
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a woman in vp that is gaggin for cold to shag her....again :)
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
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to embarrass oneself amongst a prestigious crowd or highly regarded peers via alcohol intoxication
carlton player brendan fevola unfortunately went into "do a fev" mode when he was supposed to be working for channel 9's "street talk" segment for the afl footy show, all is forgiven since said person is trying to curb his alcoholism
by thecrane September 25, 2009
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Basically the slums of West Yorkshire, where the bad boy chiller crew comes out to cause mistcheif in their ‘gang’. As a whole people who are from fev are to be stayed away from. These unfortunate inhabitants will take no hesitation in doing a key of dishwasher tablets.

Don’t mess with a donny from fev as they more than likely have a broad sword down their tracksuit bottoms
Kasey: hey I’m from fev where are you from
Logan: die fev scum
by Battymanchickenfillet64 January 6, 2021
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