A Town refers to the second most populated city in Illinois.... Aurora, Illinois
by DRod November 28, 2006
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Arlington County Virginia

Embodying the real estate bubble since 1997.

Bluest County in a Red State.
Alayna: So how's A town?
Jose: Kickin
by Royola April 27, 2005
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Coined by high school kids in Anoka, Minnesota years ago, but when a neighboring suburb got their own high school, Andover High School, they tried to claim it as their own (despite most of those students originally from Anoka High). Then Anoka High School slaps them back with "The Real A-Town" in an effort to reclaim it.

Basically just one of those individual suburb things where kids get so stressed and hyped up over little things that don't really matter. Doesn't make anyone better than the other, yet they actually fight over it.
Andover High kid - "You said you're from Anoka, right?"

Anoka High kid - "Yeah. A-Town."

Andover kid - "Uhhh actually Andover is A-Town...duh."

Anoka kid - "Uhh no. Anoka's the Real A-Town. You're just a rich kid who can't come up with your own title like we awesome Anokans can. Duh."

**(Andover IS mostly a well-to-do community so most people refer to them as such..not very nice but that's how this world works, right? Hate what we don't understand, are jealous about, and/or can't have? Sad but true because most of us are little high schoolers who can't grow up)
by Melanie23 November 25, 2009
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Slang name used for the town of Ann Arbor, Michigan; home of The University of Michigan.
by R. Cohen March 24, 2006
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Austin, Texas aka The Capital City aka ATX
Alot of people consider Atlanta the A-Town but if you in Texas, that title belongs to the Capital City of Austin
by ROB-G September 05, 2005
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fucking awesome bitch who leads on men to break their hearts and drinks like a beast. simply put of course.
Amanda's an a-town, because she drinks like a fucking man and breaks french kids hearts.
by dine white February 24, 2005
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