1. More than a few.
2. A quantity in excess of what is actually practical; an exorbitant amount.
3. Lots.
4. Tons.
Would you say I have a plethora of pinatas?
by Dan February 24, 2004

1. an excessive amount.

2. A lot.

This word is primarily used with great imprecision by inarticulate, pretentious college undergraduates who wish to express no more than "a lot," but want to do it with as many syllables and as annoyingly as possible.
Unbearable undergraduate#1: I just drank a plethora of coffee so I can study for the test today.
Unbearable Undergraduate#2: Dude, me too. I hope there's not a plethora of questions.
by Bourbon Diction Andy October 14, 2009
I was at a funeral and someone came up to me asking for permission to say a word at the front. I said of course and he stood up to say one word, ‘plethora’. I said ‘thankyou, it means a lot’
by hahalolthisisjokes April 20, 2018
A lot, a cornicopia, myrid, an abundance
There are a plethora of oppertunities in the future
by im me awc1990 May 29, 2004
means more or a lot.
* somewhere in funeral*
pastor: would anyone like to say a word?
audience: plethora
pastor: thanks, that means a lot.
by krehwell January 3, 2021
a superabundance. Many.
In the three amigos the bad dood asks the other dood if he has a "plethora" of pinatas and then gets mad that the bad dood #2 says yes when he doesn't know what a plethora is. So I have written a definition for idiot bad dood #2, even though he died, and even though he's a fake character. fook you.
by ItsAllUp September 25, 2003