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A well know high school in the Central Bucks areaof PA, close to trenton. the typical student here comes from a rich family and has never worked for a thing in their life. A typical student will be seen wearing American eagle or abercrombie, the general female populace whor themselves out to the jocks, niether of which group actually has any sort of depth or character.

Although it is one of the most sought after school for enrollment, many of the students barely know how to sit quietly for an hour, let alone listen to the teacher and learn something. The grade average in CB East is about a C minus, brought up from a solid D by the few people who actually utilize the schools wonderful cirriculum.

Although rare, there are a few people who are either enrolled at this school or have survived three grades of brutal conformity and social pressure to become a conformist, coporate whore, who are not completey lost, but many times these people become something much worse. These people are usually branded as geeks or wierd, but are often worse than either of the aformentioned groups. This group includes those who pretend not to be conformist by joining some other group, such as the much hated emos or manga creeps. Avoid these people at all costs.

Even in this hellish envirnoment, there are some who are still nice people. Look for those who are not part of a seemingly close-knit group. Others identifiers include listening to metal and having a general lack of fashion sense.

As a side note, due to the extreme social environments presented here in CB East and the previuos schools those here have attended, such as Tohickon, Unami, and the mini-East, Holicong, all students of this school are either completely numb emotionally, suicidal, or angry. Beware however; attempts to goad those of this species will often result in violent outbursts and extreme pain.
Kid 1- "Hey you suck I hate you."

Kid2- "I don't care I'm from CB East."

Kid1- "Screw you, you pussy!"

Kid2 proceeds to dismember Kid1- "I told you, I'm from CB East."
by Megastaine October 08, 2008
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