What will happen to Justin's mums vagina when she visits Alex in Miami.
Wow Justin's mum just got hiroshima by Alex. poor Justin.
by PopeAlex March 10, 2020
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1. One of two places on earth where a nuclear bomb ("little boy") was intentionally dropped by the United States Government on a populated area. 200,000 people are estimated to have died by the bomb.
2. A city in japan that was heavily damaged by nuclear attack during World War Two. It was rebuilt and today it is a thriving city.
Hiroshima was the city where they dropped the bomb.
by robotcity April 24, 2006
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An accident that results while performing the Japanese Blindfold and Fukushima release valve. Only once thus far in history a groom slipped on a piece of sashimi while sitting on his bride's head completely enveloping it all the way past her mouth with his anus. When he farted the air could not escape her mouth, and blew her eyes out of their sockets with the force of a nuclear explosion.
"If you talk back to me one more time, I will give you The Hiroshima at the wedding tonight!"
by Penis Curtains January 19, 2021
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when you jacking off you call your mom to your room then you hide behind the door and when she walks into the room you unload all over her
i did the Hiroshima on my mom
by 2334233457787545435578765 December 09, 2019
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When you take a shit so large the people from the outside can smell it. It usually occurs when you eat some spicy Indian food or maybe spicy Mexican food. But the easiest way to get a Hiroshima is to take a bunch of laxatives and glue your ass together
Carl: “Dude don’t go in there, Stephan just took the Hiroshima.”
Dude: “I can smell it from here. We need radioactive suits to clean it up.”
by 69BruhMoment69 October 04, 2019
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A word to describe ownage on a serious scale. Don't use everyday ownage has to be seriously immense.
joseph fritzel hiroshimaed his daughter's virginity
by Tom Brailsford March 17, 2009
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