As a verb, to be the bottom in gay sex.
He's usually a top, but he'll bottom for the right guy.
by Roody August 17, 2005
A person of any above description who is more passive in a sexual situation. Allows the other person to set the tone/method of sex. May or may not include S & M, fantasy role play or fetishes. If it does include S & M, the bottom will be the receptor of bondage & pain play and will be the server of the top.
by dijjn June 4, 2003
1 The buttocks or backside of the human body; a nicer word than butt
2 The lower back; below the back and above the hamstrings
Look at his bare bottom!
by Grant March 6, 2005
(V.) To make out (a gay male) to be a bottom or person of a submissive gender role.

In the gay lifestyle, a bottom is male the engages and prefers to be on the receiving end of anal penetration during sex. Though, sexual position (i.e. top, bottom, versatile) is not indicative of a gay man's gender role or how masculine/feminine one is allowed to be, there's a preconceived notion that submissive/feminine men are bottoms.
I hate that because I'm skinny and short, gay men tend to bottomize me.
by Eon Lux April 16, 2015
a person in a relationship who plays the submissive role

Basically the baby in the relationship

Uses a lot of emojis like 😥😖🥺
Top:Ha You're such a bottom

Bottom: You're a meanie :(

Bro Maryrose is such a bottom
by GayArmyBrat May 27, 2020
To finish the remainder of an alcoholic drink as quickly as possible. Can often lead to camaraderie and intoxication.
Person 1: Bottoms!
Person 2: Dern man, I'm already pretty hemingway as it is.
by MofistolRobinson December 19, 2008
the buttocks, the hindquarters, the posterior =rear
Her bottom was sore from the hike we went on the day before, so she decided not to go on a walk today.
by Light Joker November 30, 2004