When spoken to children, this phrase communicates a gentle reminder to speak clearly and enunciate. When spoken to adults, this phrase communicates both insult and an urgent desire to be kicked or punched squarely in the nose without any hesitation.

For this reason, careful consideration should always be made about the approximate age of the person speaking, not only out of respect but in avoidance of severe pain, injury, and bloodshed assuming none is wanted.
Please speak more clearly. I'm confident you can do this. Just use your words.
by Matt C Bettes June 7, 2009
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What you say when a person stutters, or won't tell you something. Demeaning, because it equates them to a small child. Better if use with a "you can do it!" for mock encouragement.
Other Person: She was wearing one of those... you know, those whaddyacallums...
Me: Come on, use your words, you can do it!

Me: What do you enjoy doing?
Other Person: Oh, I don't want to tell you...
Me: No, use your words. You can do it!
Other Person: I enjoy killing hobos.
by Jake Seifert April 17, 2006
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A person demanding verbal communication from someone who is not speaking.
lady: mumble, mumble..
man: Use your words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by lil brown mamba lady June 23, 2013
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